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Football and Grilled Meats with Wisconsin Cheese

September 27, 2012
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This weekend we’re back to football as we know it… and great food made with Wisconsin Cheese!

The Sheboygan Burger

The Sheboygan Burger #26 on Cheese & Burger Society’s website. Featuring Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Beef Patty, Split Bratwurst, Sauteed Onions, Beer Mustard, and Sauerkraut on a Kaiser Roll.

There’s no need to boycott!! The regular refs are back and football will hopefully get back to normal. Plus this weekend is perfect football grilling weather. What more could Wisconsinites and football fanatics around the country ask for (besides a nice cold beer in hand)?

Below are a some great suggestions on how to create the most hearty, mouthwatering football fare using grilled burgers, hotdogs, brats, and chicken wings and of course, great Wisconsin Cheese.

  • Cook brats in beer before grilling and have Beer Brats with a Cheese Dip which includes jalapenos, mustard, mayo, green onions and three cups cheddar cheese. See the video. Just remember, for a richer, cheesier taste shred real Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese. You’d be surprised at the difference in taste.
  • Top a burger, hotdog or brat with your favorite Mac & Cheese.
  • Add chili and your favorite cheese to a hotdog or brat.
  • Try a nacho cheese burger by topping a burger with West Allis Cheese’s LOCO Cheese Dip and jalapenos. Or make a Nacho Cheese Dog using the LOCO Cheese Dip, guacamole, salsa, and jalapenos.
  • Make a French Onion burger by caramelizing onions in beef broth, and adding it to a burger topped with a fontina cheese like Fontina Bambina.
  • Grill hot wings and make your own Blue Cheese Dressing with your favorite blue. See recipe.
  • Finally, don’t forget the bacon! Wrap a hotdog or brat with your favorite cheese (or slice the dog or brat lengthwise without going all the way through and place the cheese inside), wrap it all in bacon and grill.

Of course, you can always stick with the standard Bacon Cheese Burger, but expand your horizons and try a different cheese. Check out the Cheese & Burger Society for great ideas. It’s an absolutely great site.



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