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Summer is here! We are no longer shipping cheese due to the Hot Weather.
Shipping will resume in the Fall. When in Milwaukee, WI stop at one of our Stores to CarryOut
Thank you for your business order online in the fall.

Wisconsin Cheese Talk

November 16, 2012
1 replies | Posted by Cathy
Creating the perfect personalized Wisconsin cheese gift basket is as easy as asking who, what, where, when and how. Choosing a theme for a cheese basket dictates everything. What is the occasion? Who is it for? What do they like? Where does i...
October 25, 2012
41 replies | Posted by Cathy
Looking for a gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the recipient, not stuck in the back of a closet or re-gifted to someone else? How about a gift basket filled with real Wisconsin Cheese? The right basket is sure to show someone or a group h...
October 18, 2012
1 replies | Posted by Cathy
Wisconsin is famous for many things: the Green Bay Packers, Miller Beer, and especially cheese. In fact, this Midwestern state proudly boosts the nickname “America’s Dairyland.” However, visitors and even some residents may not real...
October 11, 2012
106 replies | Posted by Cathy
Cooking with cheese can be somewhat tricky. What cheeses melt well and how do you make a cheese sauce that’s smooth and creamy instead of gritty? Following is a summary of The Rules of Melting Cheese by Robert Wolke, Fine Cooking. ...
October 5, 2012
42 replies | Posted by Cathy
Fall seasonal beers consist of Pumpkin Beers, Fresh Hop Ales, and Oktoberfest beers. Each have their own fragrance and flavor that is similar to cheese, but the carbonation in beer contrasts well with the creamy texture of cheese causing an instant p...
September 27, 2012
2 replies | Posted by Cathy
This weekend we’re back to football as we know it… and great food made with Wisconsin Cheese! The Sheboygan Burger #26 on Cheese & Burger Society’s website. Featuring Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Beef Patty, Split Bratwurst, Saut...
September 20, 2012
5 replies | Posted by Cathy
Gooey grilled cheese is one of America’s best loved comfort foods especially when it just melts in your mouth. You can make grilled cheese multiple ways with different cheeses, breads, butters and grilling methods. But what makes the perfect gr...
September 13, 2012
1 replies | Posted by Cathy
It’s that time of year where mornings are cooler and dusk comes upon us just a tad bit earlier. Summer is ending and fall is in the air. Trees are soaking up the last summer rays and apples have weighed down their branches. Your mouth waters ju...
March 15, 2012
44 replies | Posted by Cathy
Red Barn Family Farms located in Appleton, Wisconsin can now say it’s Heritage Weis line is the best bandaged cheddar in the world! The 2012 World Champion Cheese Contest took place March 5-7 in Madison, WI. A new record was set with over 2,50...
March 12, 2012
3 replies | Posted by Cathy
Don’t be without this incredible cheese. An aged cow’s milk cheese with a distinct crystalline crunch yet possessing a creamy texture with hints of sweet pear and peach. Enthusiastically received every time we have sampled it. The flavor...