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Beer Kase

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Item Number: 11130
Weight: 1 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Features

Wisconsin smeared ripen brick aged for maximum flavor. Very pungent however excellent tasting. - 1 lb.

Review rating is average only because someone mistakenly thought Beer Kase would be similar to Butter Kase, two very different tasting cheeses!

  • Appearance:Pale white
  • Texture:Smooth, semi-soft
  • Variety:Brick, aged minimum of 6 months
  • Milk Type:Cow
  • Pair with:Bock and lager beers. Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc wines.
  • Serving suggestions:With pork, nuts, and vegetables.

Please note, as customer stated in review, this is not like Butterkase. It's much stronger and for cheese lovers with the philosophy of The stinkier, the better!

1 out of 5
Milwaukee WI/USA
This is NOTHING like butterkase - I expected it to be and butterkase is one of my absolute favorites. This Beer Kase flavor is totally different and for me WAY too earthy and bitter. I actually could not swallow the sample I tried!
5 out of 5
Beer Kase is to die for. Wrap it two or three times in the frig. Eat beer kase with BEER!!
Bier Kase
5 out of 5
Washington USA
I grew up in MN. I love Bier Kase. I've not been able to find it locally.I live in western WA. it's not to be found. No one seems to know what Bier Kase is.I'm looking forward to getting the cheese!The same goes for potato sausage. I can only get it in Seattle I live about 3 hours from Seattle by car and ferry.I have to order it I get it through a local butcher. That way it will arrive at the butcher it will be kept cold until I can get there!
lovin it...
5 out of 5
Windsor WI
this is a desired or aquired taste !!! the smell is not good...not good at all but the cheeze on a ritz is awesome...not for everyone though
Best cheese ever made
5 out of 5
Its hard to find good aged Beer Kase anymore. It used to have a sticky rind on it and such a wonderful flavor. Now all I have ever found has a dry rind and it has little real Beer Kase taste. Doesn't stink as bad as it used to anymore. About 40 years ago it was sooooo good.