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New Batch of Cupola Coming to West Allis and Public Market Downtown Milwaukee!

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Red Barn Family Farms Cupola Artisan Cheese Wheel with Wedge SlicePrepare your taste buds! We’ve received another batch of fabulous Cupola Artisan Cheese from Dr. Terry and Paula Homan at Red Barn Family Farms. Produced with incredibly wholesome, nutritious and clean milk, semi-hard Cupola comes in 11-pound wheels. Even though it’s firm, Cupola is a delightful spread to serve with crackers.

This is a very special cheese. U.S. Champion Cheesemaker Katie Fuhrmann at LaClare Farms joined the Homans to create Cupola. Terry and Paula perfected the recipe while working with the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research. The resulting flavor is a mix of nutty and fruity. There are hints of caramel with a little toasted pineapple thrown in. You may remember -- since Cupola is aged seven years -- the first batch was pre-sold a few months ago. If you missed it then, be sure to get it now!

Terry and Paula prefer to make Cupola is small batches, but assure new deliveries will be consistently available. They’ve created a true American original, smooth and firm!

Shop our West Allis Cheese Store or Stop Downtown Milwaukee at the Public Market to get your Cupola Artisan Cheese fix!