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Hook's 10 Year Aged Cheddar - 1/2lb

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Item Number: 15207
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 8 Oz

Product Features

Wisconsin 10 year aged Hook's Cheddar. The best of the best for those who insist on having the sharp intense cheese with little crunchy salt crystals.
- 1/2lb
  • Texture: Firm, very crumbly
  • Color: Golden yellow with salt deposits on outer surface
  • Aged: 10 years
  • Hardness: Hard cheese
  • Origin: Wisconsin
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Goes Well With: It's best all buy itself
5 out of 5
Salt Lake City
Until I received a block of this as a gift I had no idea that cheese could be aged this long. This is by far the finest cheese I've ever eaten. Eat this cheese in SMALL bites taking time to TASTE it and enjoy the crystaline texture!
Fantastic Treat!
5 out of 5
This is a surprisingly good cheese. Amazing taste. Sharp but not bitter or sour. Love the little crunchy salt crystals and crumbly texture. Treat yourself to this cheese and you won't be disappointed.