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Bon-Bree Brick Wisconsin Cheese

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Product Features

Delafield Farmer, Lloyd Williams, recently re-introduced the Bon-Bree Cheese. This Artisan Wisconsin cheese was once made in Mapleton in the Town of Oconomowoc at Williams Homestead Creamery and is now produced for them by Clock Shadow Creamery in Milwaukee WI.. Bon-Bree became widely popular for its firm texture and unique mouth-watering taste. It's a soft, buttery, creamy, and pleasantly salty cheese similar to that of a mild brick, with light sweet and nutty undertones. Whether served atop Breton crackers, or with fresh fruits, Bon-Bree Cheese is sure to be a party favorite. It melts great! Try it on a grilled cheese, lasagna, or pizza! Pair with a nice Chardonnay, Champagne, or fruit beer to really make your taste buds sing!

As a 100% all natural milk cheese, Bon-Bree is hand-crafted and never has any preservatives, food coloring, artificial flavoring, or rBGH and has only 3% Sodium for Low Salt dieters! Rest at ease knowing you’re eating a pure, natural cheese made right here in Wisconsin!

You will love it!

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