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Liederkranz Cheese 

Liederkranz cheese #11143, cousin to Limburger, is an American-made (now Wisconsin-made), surface-ripened snack cheese with a distinctly strong aroma and unique, full-bodied flavor. This time-tested favorite of cheese connoisseurs has been out of production since 1985. After a 25-year hiatus, the cheese is returning to the market in response to a dedicated fan-base. - 6 oz.
Photo credit: Kristyna Wentz-Graff
  • Appearance:Pale ivory with golden yellow crust
  • Texture:Soft and creamy
  • Variety:Brick, semi-soft
  • Milk Type:Cow
  • Pair with:Dark beer
  • Serving suggestions:On salads or sandwiches. With fruit and a dark bread.

Liederkranz originated in upstate New York in the late 1800s as a replica of a traditional soft, smelly cheese from Germany that immigrants missed, and could no longer get because it would spoil during shipping. The cheese recipe left New York for Ohio in 1926 before finally finding a new home in Wisconsin, which has an enthusiastic German fan base.

Copy courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

5 out of 5
The old one is BACK this cheese is GREAT. Thank you this is a God sent...
It's baaack
5 out of 5
As good as ever. I've been eating this cheese since the 40s and thought I'd never see it again. Thanks for reintroducing it. I drove 50 miles to get three packages of it and it was worth the ride.
5 out of 5
Pensacola Fl.
Thanks !! I was very disappointed when it wasn't made anymore. It's as good as limburgher with a milder aroma.
5 out of 5
I have to tell you that your Liederekranz is fabulousit has been years since I have had any and always wished it was available. It takes me back years to sitting on the porch with my Dad who introduced me to the cheese a long time ago. Great job.
Welcome back
5 out of 5
Welcome back to the world have been looking for this for years thought I would look on line and there you are what memories...
5 out of 5
Just like my dad used to get and enjoy
Wow it's back
5 out of 5
Thank you for putting Liederkranz back in production. The aroma is perfect. Reminds me of years past and Mom is the kitchen when I was a kid.
Liederkranz - Thanks
5 out of 5
New York
Thank you for bringing this back. I was just speaking with my 88 year old mother. She mentioned Liederkranz and said she could not get it and it was her favorite. Well I decided to look online and....BINGO! I hope it is as good as the original. My mother will be THRILLED! What a nice surprise for her! Thank you!
Long Lost
5 out of 5
Cedar Springs Michigan
For years they have been telling me that the recipe had been lost!I haven't stopped looking and here it is again! Small box with this little cake of cheese wrapped so many times to hold in the smell. Cut through the rind and find this soft almost runny center What Enjoyment
2 out of 5
It was a poor attempt at the original Liederkranz that was produced as I grew up in Milwaukee. It seems as though this was not aged sufficiently. The original had a very leathery skin and when it was broken the cheese would soft and flowable
Curt Van Wert OH
5 out of 5
Ohio/Van Wert
25 yrs. is a long time but it is worth it to have Liederkranz back. What a great cheese.
5 out of 5
charin falls ohio
this cheese is as good as the original. i remember it in the little boxes it came in. what treat to find it again! thank you for bringing it back. i bought 3 of them and 2 are alredy gone i will be ordering more soon pleas keep this wonder full cheese in production.
Welcome Back
5 out of 5
IL United States
Thank you for bringing a unique product back to the market. Yummmmmmm.
5 out of 5
IndependenceMO USA
You have revived the best moments of my youth. Liederkranz Rye Bread Lettuce & a slice of onion. Now that's a sandwich. Thanks.
5 out of 5
I have liked Liederkranz since the 50's when it was made by Borden's in Van Wert Ohio. This does not have the creamy texture of Borden's and it does not seem to ripen much with age. However its the best I've found since it was made in Van Wert.
It's back!
5 out of 5
Michigan City
About a year ago I Googled Liederkranz nothing. This is one of my earliest memories of food. Whenever we would visit my grandmother (mid 1950s) she would greet us with a spread that always included Liederkranz. I had begun to think that this funky unmistakable cheese had been a figment of my imagination.But now its back! Thanks for bringing back this great cheese and bringing back the memories.
OMG!! It has been too long!
5 out of 5
I remember sitting in very northern Michigan with my German born step grandfather in a town of 50 people and each night just before bed he would bring out the treasured little glass cheese dish with the box of Liederkranz residing therein. My mouth would water and we would joyfully schmear the luscious spread cross truly black bread add a trace of chopped onion and black pepper and sit back with a sigh and savor true bliss. Then it was gone!! And now thanks to true cheese lovers it is back. I am now 72 and am so happy to find it again I will enjoy it every night until I die.Tom Dombrosky
close but...
5 out of 5
Mexico NY
Love West Allis... but the cheese was not the same. So smelly it was scary. never ripened to the soft creaminess... cold or warm it held the same texture... I think the original recipe is still out there somewhere 'cause this one wasn't it. - Owner's Note: We are sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it. We've had so many positive reviews on it and many have said it took them back in time.
not the same-better
5 out of 5
This cheese is super at allstages of it's aging evolution. The old Van Wert product used to slide intoalmost inedible senility very rapidly. I am a many-time repeater for your product.
Soft center???
5 out of 5
San Francisco
Is there any effort being made to make the cheese so that it continues to ripen. The soft center was what it was all about. Is this one pasturized so it stops ripening? - The recipe is slightly different to allow for distribution in modern times.
Not to be cruel so no rating
0 out of 5
WAC response: Thank you for your review. We have had customers agree with you and say it's not the same but close but we've also had customers who have tasted the original say it's spot on. We can't explain the varied responses but try to pass them on to you. Also we are not the manufacturer ot the cheese but we do send customer comments on to them and we will do the same with yours. Thank you again. We will let you know if they make changes to their processing. Customer comment: And before the owner comments on my comment I've read all the positive reviews. Unfortunately they never got to taste the REAL Liederkrantz isn't it!This is a block of rubber. In your own product description you said the inside was like honey. Not this. The original had a magnificent pungent taste and odor. Not this. A wonderful brown crust. From what everyone said here this is absent and that ability to age is what made it great. Keep working on this cause you are almost there. Send me an email when you've reworked it and I'll try it again.
5 out of 5
The "best'. Been waiting 25 years to find my favorite cheese. Thank you!
5 out of 5
Kent OH
liederkranz > limburger
I have missed you so!
5 out of 5
Liederkranz has been gone for so long I thought I'd never taste it again. welcome back old friend!
Not Quite the Same but very very close
5 out of 5
Gastonia NC
As an aficionado of "classic" Liedekranz since the 1950s I enjoyed Wreath of Song regularly until the factory burned and then during the short resurrection period. I was delighted to receive this new version as a Christmas gift after a very long absence. It is close enough to the original that I can understand both the comments that aver it is the same while at the same time recognising the validity of those who pine for the liquid center of the old version when very ripe. (another case where extremely good and perfect can be arch enemies) Will experiment with the rest of what I have not eaten to see if it will ripen more. However whether it does or does not age gracefully I'll be ordering more.
Just not quite there!
5 out of 5
Englewood Fl
The old Bordens cheese was much softer and a special flavor which got better with Age.
5 out of 5
The old one is BACK this cheese is GREAT. Thank you this is a God sent...
Luther Mich
5 out of 5
Cedar SpringsMich
No it doesn't have that runny soft center from years gone by BUT it tasted just as great and good as it did 40-50 years ago! Sitting at the table when our Dad would open up the little box of joy. Dont stop making it again please !
Not the same
3 out of 5
Yes a great cheese but sorry it still isn't the same as what it was ~~ and it doesn't ripen the way the original did to the soft texture ~~ I'm afraid the old is gone forever.