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Limburger - 6 oz.

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Item Number: 11140
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 7 Oz

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Wisconsin has the last remaining cheese factory that produces this great cheese. Limburger is a monastery style cheese that is smeared ripened to perfection. Yes it has a powerful noise however overcoming the smell is a great adventure in flavor.
- 6 oz.
  • Appearance:Pale white
  • Texture:Smooth and supple
  • Variety:Brick, semi-soft, aged 6 months
  • Milk Type:Cow
  • Pair with:Bock beer
  • Serving suggestions:Limburger Sandwich is outstanding. Thick slice of Limburger with red onions, German style hot mustard and rye bread

Limburger, first introduced in Belgium, is the most famous of all Belgian cheeses. It was made in the Liege region and sold in Limburg. The Germans began making Limburger and later naturalized it, making themselves the sole producers in Europe. This assertive cheese complemented their taste for highly-flavored game and meats. Today, a single cheese plant in Monroe, Wisconsin, produces all the surface-ripened Limburger made in the United States.
Just one factory in the USA, located in Monroe, Wis., produces Limburger, the famous stinky" cheese originating in Belgium.

Copy courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.