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Deer Creek/Specialty Cheese

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The Imperial Buck $19.99
The Fawn $15.99
The Stag $19.99
The Robin $10.99
3 Year Reserve Specialty Cheddar - 1/2lb $10.99
1 Year Select Specialty Cheddar - 1/2lb $8.99
5 Year Private Reserve Specialty Cheddar - 1/2lb $11.99
Vat 17 World Cheddar - 1/2lb $12.99
Deer Creek Specialty Cheese Gift Box $45.99
7 year Proprietor’s Grand Reserve Specialty Cheddar - 1/2lb $13.99
The Doe - 7oz $10.99
The Rattle Snake - 7oz $10.99

We strive to bring the very best and most consistent cheeses to the marketplace by hand selecting outstanding specialty vats, as well as working with some of the very best cheesemakers in Wisconsin to develop and handcraft superb unique originals and renovate classic heritage cheeses, in order to share with cheese lovers everywhere the simple pleasure of enjoying an exceptional piece of cheese.