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Pleasant Ridge Reserve - aged less than 15 months 1/2 lb $14.00
Morel & Leek Jack Cheese from Great Midwest
Morel & Leek Jack- 1/2lb $7.99
LaClare Farm Evalon - 1/2lb $12.99
Grand Cru Raclette $21.99

Wisconsin Cheese Gift BasketsWest Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe is a proud carrier of the very finest Wisconsin cheese. Count on us for authentic, hand-crafted cheese from Wisconsin and all over the world. Enjoy our online cheese shop regardless of where you are. Whether you want decedent cheese gift baskets or themed cheese gift boxes for a football tailgate, you can’t go wrong with our artisan and specialty cheese selection. Our sausage and cheese gift boxes provide countless cheese pairings to please the palate.

Wisconsin Saxony CheeseOur Wisconsin cheese shop offers specialty and artisan cheeses in many different salivating flavors, with textures ranging from creamy to crumbly. When you crave mildly sweet and semi-soft cheese, Port Salut is a popular French cheese. Enjoy this specialty cheese alone or with fruit. For traditional cheese, Saxony is soft, sophisticated and made from whole cow’s milk. Pair this cheese with champagne, beer or fruit. With so many textures and flavors to choose from, our artisan and specialty cheese are guaranteed to please!

We also carry authentic Wisconsin cheese, like the flavorful and buttery Big Eds, which is made in the local Saxon Homestead Creamery. For a sweet Wisconsin cheese, try LaClare Farm Evalon cheeses, which are made from raw goat’s milk and are known to help soften heat in spicy food. For a smoky flavor, try our Rofumo cheese with hickory-infusions and a bacon-like taste. This specialty cheese is perfect for melting into burgers, pizza and breakfast food. Whether you have a taste for sweet or spicy, our Wisconsin cheese shop has something for everyone!

West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe offers a huge selection of artisan and Wisconsin cheese varieties. We also have incredibly delectable sausage, jams, syrups, fruit, candy sauces and seasoning. Delicacies from our online cheese shop can be enjoyed from coast to coast. No longer do you have to live in the Dairyland to get the freshest, most flavorful, highly sought-after Wisconsin cheese. Wherever you are, get the highest quality cheese from West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe.

Shop our wide selection of Wisconsin artisan and specialty cheeses, or contact our Wisconsin cheese shop for more information.